How it all started

It all started with a dream to have my own bead store when I was young.  I loved creating, teaching, and selling my items since I was about 7 years old.   I am an engineer by trade, but entrepreneur by heart!  

I started my business Dream Lily Designs LLC in 2008 to create and sell beautiful pieces of jewelry, hair accessories and baby gifts at craft shows in my area.  As this business has grown, my desire to expand into home décor and other items has too!  As my family has grown (#girlmom), the products they love and help make has grown too!  

During my craft shows, I have met so many amazing makers and artists.  I love to help them grow their businesses through my advice and lessons learned as a full time entrepreneur, mom and maker. 

Our Creative Marketplace is a shop for all of us to showcase our products and where I can help them grow their brand and business even more!  That is why I named the shop "Our Creative Marketplace".  It's not just my items, but a collection of items from various makers and entrepreneurs like myself.  

Our Creative Marketplace is a place to sell, share, create, teach, learn and grow as entrepreneurs and business owners - and to share our talents with the local community too! 

Thank you for your ongoing support as we grow together as a local community of makers, artists and family businesses.